You can be a boule nerd before or completely green in the game, it does not matter. We make sure you learn all about the gravelly world of boule. As a bouleguide, you are in the center. During what we call events, you talk to larger groups and teach them to play boule through competition and technical tips.

Here we have listed characteristics and experiences that are important for us to thrive together:

-You are social and curious
-A rock on talking to and in front of people

It is a merit if:
You have worked in service or with people before

Terms of employment
Where: Boulebar Nørregade, Cøpenhagen
Form of employment: Hourly paid
When: We recruit on an ongoing basis

We are connected with the collective agreements.



We offer an exciting workplace with lots of joy and care. Just like the society, Boulebar is facing an exciting year. We are now about 150 employees at ten boulebars in Sweden and Denmark. And the journey has just begun. Some would probably call us nerds. But the whole thing is about love for people. Between us in the company and to everyone who visits us. The company´s core values have followed since the start in 2000 and permeate The entire business. Boulebar is based on joy, curiosity and adventure. Or as we say: Freedom community and aglass of pastis. Read more about us here.

If you recognize yourself in the description, apply today. The selection is ongoing. Questions? Send an email to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing more from you!