We believe that you think like us, that service is always in focus and that you really love people. As a waiter, you and the rest of the team create the feeling of being in the south of France with the help of food, beverage and our warm environments. Your main task is to deliver overwhelming service to our guests.

Here we have listed characteristics and experiences that are important for us to thrive together:

- You love your craft and to share it
- Good at quickly creating a holistic view to make the service flow
- Responsible and orderly

We offer an exciting workplace with lots of joy and care. Together we work every day to develop and offer our guests a unique experience.


Terms of employment

Where: Boulebar Nørregade, Copenhagen
Form of employment: Part time/ hourly salary
When: We recruit ongoing


We offer an exciting workplace with lots of joy and care. Just like society, boulebar is facing an exciting year. We are now about 150 employees at ten boulebars in sweden and denmark. And the journey has just begun. Some would probably call us nerds. But the whole thing is about love for people. Between us in the company and to everyone who visits us. The company's core values have followed since the start in 2000 and permeate the entire business. Boulebar is based on joy, curiosity and adventure. Or as we ourselves say: freedom community and a glass of pastis. Read more about us here.
If you recognize yourself in the description, apply today. The selection is ongoing. Do you have questions? Contact me at; [email protected] . We look forward to hearing more from you!